The Stable Yard

The Stable Yard

Lionel Dalhousie Robertson Edwards
RI RCamA (1878 – 1966)

Pencil. Signed with initials.

9” x 11½” (22.9 cm x 29.2 cm)

Inscribed: “… the farmer and his son rode in, leading …”

Original drawing for Mayfly – the Grey Pony by Eleanor Helme, published 1935.

This celebrated equestrian artist was himself an accomplished horseman, and his pictures reveal a thorough understanding of the animal and its anatomy. Edwards studied at the School of Animal Painting in Kensington and worked as an illustrator for The Graphic, Punch and Country Life. He published many equestrian books himself and was also commissioned to provide the pictures for a number of horse and pony stories. This rare pencil drawing is one of his original illustrations for Mayfly – the Grey Pony by Eleanor Helme, which was published in 1935. The picture is inscribed with a brief note from the storyline. The thoroughbred and stable yard in the illustration also appear in Edwards’ 1933 drawing of the legendary Brown Jack, one of the greatest racehorses of all time.

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