Towards Il Campanile

Towards Il Campanile di San Marco, Venice

Georges Noël Bouvard (1912 – 1975)

Oil on canvas. Signed.

19” x 25” (48.3 cm x 63.5 cm)

Georges Noël Bouvard came from a celebrated French family of artists, who specialised in scenes of Venice. Bouvard was actually a pseudonym, as the family name was, in fact, Béraud. Georges Noël was taught by his father, Éloi Noël, who is often also referred to as Antoine. Bouvard senior visited Venice at the beginning of the 20th Century and instantly fell in love with the unique light, beautiful architecture and romantic atmosphere of this seductive city. Father and son worked together for many years and returned to Venice frequently throughout their careers. Using a bold palette, they produced exquisite paintings of the city’s glamorous vistas, with its bustling Grand Canal, charming backwaters and elegant buildings. These sensitive and evocative pictures of one of the world’s most beautiful cities were instantly successful at exhibitions in France, Italy and throughout Europe, and their popularity continues to the present day.